About Us

Tasmania AED and Defibrillator Sales

DefibrillatorsTasmania.com.au is located in George Street, Launceston. We do not have a retail premises.

Operated by and experienced First Aid Trainer and Ambulance Medic we only sell products that are made by manufacturers that provide full after sales support.

Your defibrillators will need batteries and pads not next year but for up to 15 years as that is the reasonable working life of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). That is the reason that we do not sell, support or recommend some models of AED's.

Whilst our purpose is selling Defibrillators we do offer FREE advice even when you have not purchased from us or when you might be struggling to find or get support from other defibrillator resellers.You can call us on anytime at 03 63643011 or email sales@defibrillators.com.au